Presentation Workshops and Tuition

Are you looking for tuition on how to give an amazing presentation? Are you petrified by the idea of public speaking? With the right advice, it’s not as hard as you think.

Speaking in front of an audience, whether a talk at an academic conference or a presentation to classmates, is just a specialised kind of performance, done in order to communicate a message. By using the same techniques and psychological tricks as those used by stage performers, it’s easily possible to transform a dry and uninspiring talk into an engaging, educational and inspiring presentation. This doesn’t mean giving an undergraduate lecture in a spangly costume and a top hat, but it does mean a subtle application of presentational techniques that will leave the audience remembering the presentation itself, but also retaining its content and message.

An entertained audience!

An audience should be clapping and smiling at the end, and maybe even during, a talk. Does this look familiar? If not, there’s lots of potential to be fulfilled!

A boring, badly presented talk is not achieving its aims. It is entirely straightforward to give a ‘serious’ talk, with high-brow and rigorous content, but still be entertaining and inspirational. The techniques and guidelines for presenting in a memorable and engaging way are the same that apply to performing entertaining stage shows, but also to the production of TV and Radio documentaries. All of these media share the common objectives of engagement and education. Tim is in a unique position to have extensive experience in all of these areas, from giving talks at international academic conferences to presenting TV programmes. It’s an application of these universal techniques that can vastly improve any kind of presentation.

The types of questions that can be easily answered by the universal techniques of giving an incredible presentation include:

  • How do I deal with nerves?
  • How should a presentation be structured for maximum impact upon the audience?
  • How should I design my slides?
  • Should I even be using slides?
  • How can I stop relying on notes?

Presentations tuition can take a number of forms, from a short, seminar-type format with visual aids and lecture notes, or longer interactive presentation workshops for smaller groups. Get in touch to find out more about booking a presentation workshop.