Dr Tim Cockerill is an entomologist, photographer and circus performer

Tim Cockerill Flea Circussmall

Tim specialises in communicating science and natural history to a wide range of audiences. With particular expertise in the smaller examples of animal life – especially insects and their relatives – there’s no shortage of inspiration.

As well as being a bona fide trained scientist with a PhD from the University of Cambridge, Tim is also a seasoned performer specialising in obscure and often dangerous circus and sideshow stunts.

On this site you can find highlights of Tim’s work in TV, Radio and photography, as well as more about live performances, talks, and presentations.

Tim is also a collector of curious objects, skills and interests. Follow the curiosities link to find out about Tim’s collection of obscurities.


Papua New Guinea Research

Tim with a wild green tree python (Morelia viridis) and an even wilder beard.

Tim with a wild green tree python (Morelia viridis) and an even wilder beard.

Tim has spent the summer in the wilds of Papua New Guinea, researching rare species for the University of Oxford. Watch this space for photos of some weird and wonderful (but mostly wonderful) creatures from the jungle!

Science of Stupid for National Geographic Channel

Science of Stupid Tim Cockerill fire breathing

Click the photo to go to the video clip.

Tim is the fire-breathing consultant for the new series of Science of Stupid, to be broadcast worldwide in over 170 countries. Click the photo to watch slow-motion fire breathing and some extra clips showing how NOT to breathe fire!

National Insect Week Photography Competition

Wallace's Cyriopalus beetle by Tim Cockerill

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Tim wins first prize in the National Insect Week Photography Competition in the category ‘Small is Beautiful’. Click on the image for more info.

Fire-eating in Egypt

Egypt fire breathing 1

Roll up, roll up and see Tim performing the sensational fire eating show at Soho Square, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. More details about the show here.

Fire-eating in Egypt

Tim presents Spider House on BBC4 with Professor Alice Roberts

Tim Cockerill and Alice Roberts with a bath full of spiders!

Alice and Tim with the spiders enjoying bath time

Tim and Alice go on a journey into all things arachnid in this 90 minute TV documentary for BBC4 by the award-winning Windfall Films. To be broadcast around the world, the programme features world-class macro footage of incredible spider behaviour and insights into the fascinating science behind these amazing animals.


Tim Cockerill CBBC Wild Dr Cockerill's Bizarre Bazaar

Dr. Cockerill’s Bizarre Bazaar

Hit live TV show Wild makes its triumphant return to CBBC. See Tim on Wild throughout the Autumn presenting ‘Dr. Cockerill’s Bizarre Bazaar’, joined by a host of weird and wonderful creatures. Broadcast live on Saturday mornings from 9-10am. It’s worth getting up for!

Sideshow Wonderground

Tim Cockerill with Gary Stretch and the Lizardman

Spieling for the Lizardman and Gary Stretch

Tim is honoured to perform with a calvacade of sideshow legends at the Sideshow Wonderground on London’s Southbank. Tim is the resident fire-eater and can also be seen exercising his showmanship as ‘spieler’ on the outside. Among the other performers are The Lizardman, The Space Cowboy (world record sword swallower) and Gary Stretch (the man with the world’s stretchiest skin!)

Insect Question Time at the Natural History Museum

National Insect Week panel with host Jonathan Ross

National Insect Week panel with host Jonathan Ross

To kick off National Insect Week Tim is part of a panel of insect experts at London’s Natural History Museum. With Jonathan Ross as guest host and questions put to the panel from the live audience and online viewers around the world, an afternoon spent talking about insects has never been so entertaining!